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Sifu Talon has helped me in many of my Wing Chun lessons, and I can highly recommend him.

Testimonial for Sifu Talon Campbell

I have known Sifu Campbell for many years and have had the opportunity to observe the immense dedication and discipline he has shown on his way to becoming a Sifu.

Coupled with a patient teaching style it has been inspirational to watch and i recommend Sifu Campbell to anybody that is serious about martial arts and wants to be the best they can be. He is very dedicated and passionate about Wing Chun.

Dean – WCKUK Student

Sifu Talon’s skill level, teaching style, motivation, knowledge and commitment to Wing Chun make training with him enjoyable, hard work and inspiring and I always leave class having learnt masses. Fantastic motivator and I will 100% be traveling to his classes in Sidcup as much as possible to enhance my current training sessions. Thank you!!

Louise – WCKUK Student

Having known and trained extensively with Sifu Talon for quite some time, I am sure those students who learn under him will greatly benefit from his knowledge, implementation and understanding of the Wing Chun principles.

Fraaz Akhter – WCKUK Assistant Instructor

After more than a year now of training alongside and with Sifu Talon it is very clear he is someone that is dedicated to the art of Wing Chun and all aspects within it and surrounding it. He takes his time when training making sure he captures every detail and will help everyone he trains with to reach the same ability level within their own time and at their own pace.

Daniel Marchant – WCKUK Assistant Instructor

Sifu Talon has a good way of making Wing Chun easy to digest and he can make concepts that can be harder to grasp simple to understand with great analogies! Sifu Talon has a great passion for the art and this is evident when he teaches and his commitment to always improving his own Wing Chun. His dedication is infectious!

Freddie – WCKUK Student